About Effectivate

Who are we?

Effectivate was founded by a small dedicated team, which shared the aim of developing a product that enables brain training in a pleasant, professional, and challenging manner.
Here at Effectivate, we believe in our ability as human beings to actively improve our quality of life by developing positive brain-training habits. We believe these can be accomplished through our unique cognitive training which contributes to memory retention.

The brains behind your brain training

Prof. Sarit Kraus

Leading artificial intelligence and robotics research at Bar-Ilan University A world-renowned expert in machine learning

Gil Suzin, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Psychology A clinical neuropsychologist specialist Specializes in cognitive and memory rehabilitation

Mor Nahum, Ph.D.

Ph.D. in Brain Science,
Head of the neuro-therapy lab at the Hebrew University
An expert in brain training development and research

Eran Katz

A Guinness world record holder in the field of memory techniques, An author of several best-sellers including “The Perfect Memory

Our team

Shai Granot

CEO & Co-founder

Yael Gilutz​

CPO & Co-founder

Eitan Fitusi​


PhD Keren Avirame


Anna Izoutcheev​

Senior Games Architect

Idan Talsnik​

Head of sales

Ben Katz​

Customer Success Manager

Adi Lavi

Marketing Director

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