About Effectivate

Who are we?

Effectivate was founded by a small dedicated team, which shared the aim of developing a product that enables brain training in a pleasant, professional, and challenging manner.
Here at Effectivate, we believe in our ability as human beings to actively improve our quality of life by developing positive brain-training habits. We believe these can be accomplished through our unique cognitive training which contributes to memory retention.

The brains behind your brain training

Prof. Sarit Kraus

A world-renowned expert in machine learning, Prof. Kraus leads research in artificial intelligence and robotics at Bar-Ilan University.

Gil Suzin, Ph.D.

A specialist in clinical neuropsychology, Dr. Suzin specializes in cognitive and memory rehabilitation and holds a Ph.D. in psychology.

Mor Nahum, Ph.D.

An expert in brain training development and research, Dr. Nahum holds a Ph.D. in brain science and is head of the neuro-therapy lab at the Hebrew University.

Eran Katz

An author of several best-sellers including “The Perfect Memory”, Eran is also a Guinness world record holder in the field of memory techniques.

Our team

Shai Granot

CEO & Co-founder

Liron Schechter


Eitan Fitusi​


Anna Izoutcheev

Senior Games Architect

Tania Ender Arie

HR Manager

Idan Talsnik​

Head of Sales

Ran Cahana

Customer Success Manager

Adi Lavi

Head of Marketing

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