Better Brain. Better You

Software for strengthening memory.
A brain training platform for improving memory and cognitive performance.

The only software tested and approved by Clalit Health Services


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Design, interface, and content specifically tailored for 55 and above

A dedicated software that both trains and teaches!

Developed in collaboration with neuropsychologists

Easy to use, no installation required

Adjusts to your pace based on your personal progress and abilities

The minds behind


Sarit Kraus

Computer Science Prof

A world-renowned expert in machine learning. Prof. Kraus leads research in artificial intelligence and robotics at Bar-Ilan University.


Mor Nahum


Dr. Nahum is an expert in the development and research of brain training programs, holding a Ph.D. in NeuroScience and being the head of the Hebrew University's neuro-therapy lab


Eran Katz


An author of several best-sellers including “The perfect Memory”, Eran is also a Guinness world record holder in the field of memory techniques.


Gil Suzin


A specialist in clinical neuropsychology, Dr. Suzin specializes in cognitive and memory rehabilitation and holds a Ph.D. in psychology.

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The science behind

What is neuroflexibility and how can it be harnessed to our advantage?

For years, researchers believed that the brain only develops during childhood and as you grow older the brain becomes fixed and stops developing, but studies from recent years have changed this concept…

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“Thank you Effectivate – you helped me regain my confidence in myself”
Yaeli Wolenitz
"Since I’ve started I’ve improved my memory abilities and my reaction time”
Michal Shepher
"Thank you for the support and the challenges you pose. I definitely feel an improvement”
Irit Gazit
After training for a few months I feel a lot of improvement in my concentration ability, reaction time, tasks and everyday skills.
Einat Elhasid
"It’s important to me to maintain cognitive fitness, to improve my memory and its abilities. I really feel like I've improved and truly reached my goal. I feel that my concentration day to day has improved tremendously.
Tziki Adler
"Thank you to the Effectivate team, for convincing me to join the program. The exercises are diverse, colorful, challenging and require real effort and concentration.”
Riki Glaz
"The practice makes me “sweat” just like my everyday walk. Effectivate is highly recommended"
Hadas Amitay

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Research collaborations

Rambam Medical Center

Prof. David Tana
Director of the Institute for Stroke and Cognition

Clalit Health Services

Israel’s largest HMO
Clalit Health Services - Clalit chose Effectivate as its exclusive provider

Bar-Ilan University

Prof. Michal Lavidor
Head of the Brain Research Laboratory

Reichman University

Communication and Neuropsychology Laboratory (CANlab)

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Curious about our solution?

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