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A Personalized brain training platform that focuses on strengthening memory and enhancing brain function to enjoy newfound sharpness, improved focus, and quality of life

Our Personalized Brain Training Program

Effectivate is an innovative brain training program, that can help strengthen memory and attention while teaching you helpful memory strategies that assist you in daily activities.

The fun exercises take only about 15 minutes per day and don’t require any installation. The program can be used on any home computer or tablet.

The training adjusts itself to your specific abilities, helping you reach optimal results and realize your brain’s potential for memory.

The system was developed on the basis of the most recent neuropsychological studies, which emphasize that the brain’s ability to develop, adapt, and learn is not limited by age.

Why Effectivate?

Developed in collaboration with neuropsychologists

Easy to use, no installation required

Adjusts to your pace based on your personal progress and abilities

Specifically designed for ages 55 and up: the design, the interface, and the content

Why Effectivate?

Developed in collaboration with Neuropsychologists

Does not require installation and easy to use

Customized to your specific pace based on your personal progress

Specifically adapted for ages 55 and up

Sounds interesting?


Until recently, researchers believed that the brain only develops during childhood and the adolescent years- that once we reach adulthood, the brain ceases to develop.  Contrary to this belief, research from recent years has found that the brain is constantly adapting itself to changing circumstances. This is known as neuroplasticity, or brain plasticity. 

Research has shown that timed cognitive training can create long-term changes in the brain and build cognitive reserve, encouraging brain development and improved functioning.

Effectivate provides a holistic, personalized, and challenging training protocol.

Effectivate combines two brain-training methods:

  1. The exercise of brain mechanisms related to memory and concentration, 
  2.  Teaching memory strategies that help in day-to-day activities.

Dedicated software for ages 55 and up

Effectivate was developed with this specific age group in mind: the design, the interface, the content, and also the exercises themselves. Everything is tailored to the user, by taking into account the specific abilities that can be potentially weakened at certain ages and have been scientifically proven to be trainable


The Brains Behind Your Brain Training

Prof. Sarit Kraus

A world-renowned expert in machine learning. Prof. Kraus leads research in artificial intelligence and robotics at Bar-Ilan University.

Mor Nahum, Ph.D

An expert in brain training development and research, Dr. Nahum holds a Ph.D. in brain science and is head of the neuro-therapy lab at the Hebrew University.

Gil Suzin, Ph.D

A specialist in clinical neuropsychology, Dr. Suzin specializes in cognitive and memory rehabilitation and holds a Ph.D. in psychology.

Eran Katz

An author of several best-sellers including “The perfect Memory”, Eran is also a Guinness world record holder in the field of memory techniques.

Research was done in collaboration with

Barzilai Medical Center

 Dr. Roni Milo, Head of the Neurological Memory Clinic 

IDC Herzliya

(CANlab) Laboratory of Communication and Neuropsychology

Bar-Ilan University

Prof. Michal Lavidor

Head of the Brain Research Laboratory

Clalit Health Services

Israel’s largest HMO

Effectivate selected as their exclusive provider

Rambam Health Care Campus

Prof. David Tanne
Director, Stroke and Cognition Institute

Your brain health is our motivation

The Effectivate team is always eager to answer your questions and hear your thoughts

In collaboration with

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